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Monday, 10 January 2011

A cellar in a small beer shop

If it weren't for the beer in a beer cellar you would have a concrete box - a very dull image!

Down at Beer Ritz you can have your dull moments. Moments when you've stocked all the shelves, cleared out the cellar and have no customers. We all find different ways of occupying our time at the shop, but mine is a little different.

One of my little time wasting hobbies is to plaster our dull bare concrete cellar walls with beer labels. My only rules for this were - drink the beer, only beer, no repeat labels (a bit like beer tickers, but not stupid.) The image below shows the stairs into the our cellar. It is not the best picture as our stair corridor is around 3/4 foot wide so photographing was tricky, but you get the picture, so to speak! This took me a few months for completion and I've estimated over 500 labels in toe, but obviously it's a task which could never be complete, as of the amount of cellar wall space..... but hey it's fun for me.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the collection;

Now then, call me 'sad' if you want, call me 'lame'. But I get pleasure out of nerdy things like this, and I see it as just another form of beer appreciation (and it gives me an excuse to drink new beers). I think it will be an interesting talking point for future employes of our little shop, and it's nicer to look at than bare walls any-day. If you can't find pleasure in little things in your day job, then you will end up quitting fast, or going reasonably insane. I have my little pleasures (not just labels mind you), and it makes my job fantastic. If I can quote Zak "If it wasn't for the low pay and unsocial hours it would be the best job in the world!" and yes, yes it would, I'd never quit if I could! And I don't even mind the hours and the pay. I've always said 'a job wouldn't be called job if it didn't suck, it would be called a hobby', and for me I'm lucky - I've managed to get both a job and a hobby in one.

So for now I shall drink my new beer and look forward to my little pleasure of sticking the label to the wall in my next shift - Yeah! how cool am I? :-s

This appeared above my bed last night in a ghostly form, but more of that to follow soon.......

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