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Friday, 21 January 2011

Ghostie Haunts London

Me and Girlfriend Ghost took a day trip to the big city yesterday. A good day it was indeed, if not for being a little cold. I should really give my apologies to G.G., whenever we go down to London, it's just a big excuse for me to buy lots of beer, lots of whisky and drink in great pubs, whilst she gets dragged along. Ohh well, she gets some good meals out of it, and loves to look at jewelry which costs more than houses!

There are 3 main haunts which I cannot help but visit every time I descend the streets. And while Zak may have shown me to all these places a few years ago, (you may have cost me all my wages for a year of my life - wouldn't change it though!) I've been a frequent visitor of the 3 ever since.

1. - The Whisky Exchange

If you like whisky, you have to come to this diamond grotto of Aladins caves at some point in your life. Even if you don't like whisky - they have something for everyone! Name a spirit - they have it.

The W.E. boasts the best the the spirits world has to offer, and there prices are ridiculously reasonable! You can even ask for tasting samples which they will always have to offer, and if you want a sample from a real cask - they have that too, in spades!

Just one wall of 3 for different spirits.

Any one interested in a dram - check the link above and enjoy saying goodbye to your wallet!!!

2. - Utobeer

If you've not heard of Utobeer by now, and you buy beer in London - then you're not doing it right. It's in the centre of one of the best markets I've seen - Borough Market - your one stop shopping ground for great food and drink alike. If your looking for an example of what it's like at Utobeer, those of you out there who are familiar with how Beer Ritz looks can expect pretty much the exact same thing - but not all the same beer. Pictures always speak louder than words though... so hear you go;

Nice hey?...... a few of my purchases;

Now while Utobeer may be the beer lovers paradise - you can't go around opening bottles - it's against the law. Fear not though as the third stop on the list - is directly supplied by Utobeer, and so has an extensive selection of beers to try.

Managed by a rabid bar fly, better know as Glyn Roberts, (doesn't drink as much as he makes out - promise) the Rake boasts a wealth of beer and a wealth of knowledge behind the bar and packs a super atmosphere into such a small space.

You can always find something for everyone here, and they usually promote special nights when they may launch a new breweries' beer, or get in a brewer to do it for them. I heard there was a brewer from Dark Star brewery in last night promoting one of his new brews - big shame I wasn't around for that one.
I topped off my afternoon here with a great pint of Levitation ale form Stones, and then moved onto the black IPA from the Kernel brewery - good stuff indeed. 

What's the best thing about these 3 haunts though? (if they weren't already good enough)
There all within 60 seconds walking distance of each other!!!  
Yes not only is it a beer/whisky lovers dream, but it's the lazy mans dream as-well. So what are you waiting for? get yourself on the London Underground, and head for Borough!

P.S. - as these places were so close, that's not everything we did in a whole day in London. Another great place of haunting note was the Kernel brewery itself - but thats for the next blog to unfold.....  


  1. And there's the excellent Market Porter pub there.

  2. I do like the Market Porter, I'm with Ed. You tried the Euston Tap yet, fella? Utobeer is mint though, stocked up on Nogne-O the last time I visited.

  3. I've never really had chance to get to many other pubs round there, when I'm down in London it's always with G.G. and she only lets me go to one pub - so most of the time it's the rake for me. I've seen the Euston Tap's website, it looks really good, have you seen Zak's little cameo on there as-well?

  4. See the post I put up this aft - Mr Avery gets due credit!