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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ghostie's Rough Leeds Bars Volume 2.

It's been a while since I did the last one of these posts in my list of the ten rough bars and pubs of Leeds. That's because the last one was my first, and I wasn't all that keen on doing the next.

Second up: Hoagy's... and doesn't it look great!

Once again, no pictures of the inside, I wasn't getting anything shiny out in the actual place. I dressed to fit in this time to try and blend in - beanie, rough hoodie, tight jeans and some Adidas shoes...

I rocked up at the bar, eyes down, and tried to survey the scene. Seemed this was kind of a third rate Spoons of a place - lots of very old, gangster looking type pensioners, and lots of 20-30yr olds in a collection of tracksuits, cheap bling and all the sort... all there to grab a big cheap meal and get blathered. Wall to wall gamblers, huge plasma screens blearing out a different sport on each - you know the type of place.

I considered asking if they had any Craft Beer available, but then thought better of it...
    "Half a lager please mate" I asked the landlord. No suggestion of which was asked, just half of the very cold stuff placed in front of me. No lies here when I say that while the server poured my drink, he also poured himself a half of lager and proceeded to drink it at quite a rate. I did the same... it was cold, and I didn't plan on sticking around. Straight sided tumbler - same as the last pub.

The place was quite large, but seemed to be pretty busy. I can't really say that I'd like to spark up a conversation with anyone there though. This was all on a Tuesday afternoon too! Call me yella, but I wasn't about to rock up on my own on a Saturday night - I've heard some pretty interesting stories.

That was Hoagy's then. Pool hall they might have upstairs, but to me that's just more ammo for people to use on a Friday night brawl.

I've started this little list with a couple of easy pubs. Rough Hoagy's may be, but it's not that rough - I'm saving the best for last...

...And the last I will not be going in alone.


  1. ha! bet that landlord can't stand up by the time it gets to 6pm... Where's next?

  2. Do you still have your Adidas?

  3. back in the day it did a range of Theakstons and the lunchtime clientele wasn't too grim - a few suits, shoppers etc.

  4. Matt - Not thought about where next, you can come with though ;)

    Rabid - Of course - they help me run faster...

    anon - oh how things change!