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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Remake of a Beer Legend: Poltergeist 2

It's been a while coming, but after myself and Matt Lovatt brewed Poltergeist quite a while back, and after it had all disappeared, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we brewed something again.

Today it came time to brew Poltergeist 2! (don't worry, I'm not calling it that...)

This brew was to be more towards what I originally intended for the beer: a new world hop influenced strong Amber Ale. Last time it was too dark, and not juicy enough for me. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a damn tasty beer, but you can always improve on things.

So, after waiting the good part of three/four hours for UK Mail to turn up with our ingredients, we started our (very late) brew day. Here's what went into it:

2.800kg of Pale Ale Malt
2.000kg of Munich
0.400kg of Cara-Munich
0.300kg of Cara-Malt
0.150kg of Torrified Wheat
(we ended up with just short of 22 litres)

100g of Columbus
100g of Galaxy
100g of Crystal
Here is how they were added for our 60min boil:

5g of Columbus @ 60mins
15g of Columbus & Galaxy @ 20mins
40g of Galaxy @ 10mins
40g of Columbus @ 5mins
100g of Crystal @ 5mins
The rest of the Columbus & Galaxy to steep for 15mins after boil.

Apart from the late start, the brew day went pretty perfectly. Matt was a little disappointed with the OG of 58 (we were shooting for 60) but I thought it was close enough. We used a culture of San Diego Super Yeast (the super hero of liquid yeasts) that Matt had previously used to ferment a previous beer, so the results should be quite interesting, fingers crossed it doesn't go too mental. After some aeration with an aquarium pump, it was time to wrap the fermenter up in a blanket and jet off to Arcadia for a couple of jars.

I'll be posting notes and evaluations on the beer once it's ready, and hopefully it may be ready to take to the next Leeds Homebrewers meet up at the end of April, but for now I need to come up with a name:

Possible possibilities include:

Phantom of the Amber
Spectral Matt
Matt's Revenge
Amber Phantom
Spooky Brew
Spectre Ale
Haunted Hops
Collaboration of Spirits
Two Ghouls

Any others you can think of, let us know! You'll be hearing from this beer sooooonn.... :}


  1. Dominic, Thornbridge Brewery21 March 2012 at 15:01

    Sounds excellent. Hope the fermentation goes well!

  2. What about calling it Buster?

  3. Thanks Dom, we hope it does too!

    Bailey, Brewbie - Good suggestions :)

  4. Sounds good.

    how about "Carol Anne's Cru" for the name