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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One Week. One Day. Two Pies.

It's still International Pie Week this week by the way, and while my plans to have a different pie with a different beer everyday were a little over-ambitious, I've still managed to power through two different matchings today. Before I get into that though, a couple of words from me about International Pie Week:

It's International Pie Week for crying out loud! What could be better than a week dedicated to the celebration of the pastry type foods that have been with us for hundreds of years! Slaking our hunger, providing us nourishment and comfort at the same time, you just can't beat a good old pie. I'm not just talking of one sort of pie though, no no, IPW is a week for all pies across the globe; from sweet to savoury, from different fillings to different verities, open or closed - All Pies Welcome! Have it with what you like too, peas and chips, mash and gravy, and if your a little more greedy like I am - have pie with a side of Burger!

I need my pie with a beer though. Sorry to all the kids out there, but you won't reach true piedom until you get to 18 and have your first Steak 'n' Ale with a pint of Best in your local pub.

Speaking of which, Let's see what I got down me today:

My Cottage Pie doesn't
make for good photos.
My beer does though....
First up was Cottage Pie with Gadds' and De Molen's collaborative Fresh Hopped Bohemian. Many of you out there will say Cottage Pie doesn't fit into the pastry category. And you'd be right, but it fits into the Pie category. Remember, IPW is about celebrating every pie, in all it's forms... Hell, you could even have a fish pie if you wanted.

This combo worked really well together. Creamy soft, fluffy mash with a crispy top, sitting upon chunky, meaty beef, smothered in a rich gravy sauce. When you get this together with an uber fresh, bitter and dry 6%+ IPA, which cuts through your tastebuds, your getting a view of what it's like to be truly decadent, all whilst in the comfort of your own armchair. Sheer bliss at lunch time.

The next meal of the day brings me closer to the real home of my pie love.

A thing of beauty.
I know Tanders would get mad at me that I wasn't enjoying this in a pub, but as much as we'd like to admit we can, we can't be in the pub 24/7 unfortunately.

A proper Steak and Ale pie. Served with a Tag Lag Golden Ale - a beer from Barngates Brewery from Ambleside - the heart of the Lake District.

The only thing I can really say about this, is that it was perfect. End of 'pie lovers' story, I do hope you have your own.

Here's to International Pie Week!


  1. Pie week and no mention of Wigan or the "butter pie barm"?

  2. i picked the wrong week to have my kitchen ripped out and replaced!!!

  3. CL - Apologies good sir. If only you had some sort of cooking lager blog, you could write about the subject yourself over a few cans :)

  4. Cooking Lager - I used to eat Pie Butties when I worked for Warbies in Bolton. Carb Coma!

    Ghost Drinker - We'll get through pie week between us. Sorted my pie blog tonight..we can hand over the mantle to someone else for the weekend!

  5. Pie Butties - I've had my fair share. Wonderful stuff. Totally missed Pie Week tbh as been so busy, but hey, let's face it - we don't need a week to celebrate pie! Plus, that De Molen Fresh Boho is ace....