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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ghostie's Rough Leeds Bars Volume 1.

I suppose it's only fair that, because I did a list of my favourite 10 Leeds bars, that I do a list of some of the bars/pubs in Leeds which are for the clientele with more stones than (me) the rest of us...

First on the list is the Three Legs.

This was the only picture I took. I was a little concerned for my personal property when I finally plucked up the courage to go inside.

An interesting sight was seen when inside. The building itself was very nice. That was the only real nice thing about it really. Groups of people (middle aged men/women, grey & round) propped up the bar whilst shouting at each other whilst standing 10cm away from each other, it was like I just walked onto the set of the Jeremy Kyle show....

I popped myself down on a bar stool (which was broken) and tried to keep my eyes down as I felt everyone else's eyes stare holes through me. There was two hand pumps which looked like they hadn't been used in years - and had nothing on, so my choice of drink was something smooth-flow or of the cider/lager type.

I asked for a half of the first beer I saw; John Smiths smooth. It came in a straight sided tumbler and it was ice cold. I supped as quick as I could; a large group of large gentlemen had turned up behind me and were shouting about the races which were blaring out of the big plasma flat screens.

I didn't dare visit the restrooms, least of all ask for where they were.

I don't think I've left a pub quicker.

In fact it wasn't a nice experience. At all.

I'm not going to entertain this idea. I don't want to visit any other pubs like this.

One and done.


  1. I have actually been in this pub, about 15 years ago when it sold cask Tetley's. Didn't seem too bad then, but the reviews on BITE rather bear out your experience.

  2. Publicserviceradio18 October 2011 at 14:05

    I've been in here a few times. My brother seems to like the place. The regulars smell fear. Just walk in, slam 50p down on the pool table and say to the troll stood by it "play the winner baldy?" and it all seems to go OK.

  3. Hahahah! I think if I'd tried that today, I would have got my head smashed in!

    Mudge, apparently my father was a visitor about 25 odd years ago. He tells tales of it being a lot better back then.

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  5. Ah, is ghostie a lost, sensitive soul?

    Surely a couple of hours spent in there would have rid you of the need to spend a life time in purgatory?

    There's nothing wrong with a rough dive. The reality is that very little trouble tends to kick off in such places, as the regulars simply can do without the attention it brings.

    Have been in a couple of times as have been caught by regulars I know as I've walked past. It serves gassy beer - dodgy guts is therefore the only thing to be fearful of.

  6. hhahahah, I've been in here a few times too ( a while ago, before beer-nerdism caught me, obviously)...not changed much. However, take another look at the photo. Think you'll agree - lovely exterior. Often lost on people, given the interior!

  7. Never been in, never will. Next stop, The Vine! Went in on karaoke night once. Dreadful. Me and my brother left after standing at the bar for over five minutes without service.

    Do yourself a favour, don't go to the Duncan. Apparently a gypsy queen rules that place (and she doesn't even work there!).

  8. The Duncan sounds like a place to visit next with a posse then Ben!

    Chris - I had very dodgy guts after just a half.

    Leigh - I'll try make the next places proud ;)

  9. HAHAHAHA! And if you remember this was my idea.

    When I was at college in Wakefield, me and my mates used to do a tour of all the dicey pubs in Leeds on a Wednesday afternoon.

    Start at Big Lil's, Down to Three Legs and the Vine Tree, maybe round to that pub that used to be next to The Duchess of York (Nag's Head?), down to Hoagy's for Pool and Clash on the Jukebox. We sometime used to visit a strange and riotous Irish bar under BHS (where Birdcage is?) call O Riley's or something to catch the madness of their karaoke.

  10. You utter utter wimp! Me and Rhi have got utterly utterly trashed in here on a few occasions and had a great night and we're GIRLS.
    Though the beer is dreadful...