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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More Chocolate & Cherries

I never get sent any beer.

It's probably because I don't ask for any beer. But if someone decides they want to send me some - I'm not going to say no! And it certainly would be rude not to give the beer a review, that's for sure. (that's my opinion anyway - good or bad)

Dunham Massey Brewing Company makes this Chocolate Cherry Mild. And at 3.8% it is mild indeed, with a suitable dark colour, but unusual large carbonation. (It is well bottle conditioned)

The aroma has an unmistakably sweet cherry syrup smell. A little cinnamon and spice as well, mixed with an all around cherry and apple crumble aroma. The body is slightly thin and watery but the flavour is just right. Some coffee and dark malt roasted bitterness, a little marzipan and almond flavour with a slight dairy milk sweetness. The finish is short and sweet with a big (big) cherry flavour, which leaves the mouth dry and wanting more. It's a perfectly acceptable beer, and a really interesting take on a Mild, I usually find Milds a little boring - and this one manages to make an intriguing style and concept. If I was Dunham though, I would try make this into a stout - say about 6/7% with the cherries.

This beer was sent to me by the fine folks at @bob_beer, or Best of British Beer - the online beer shop. They have a really interesting range of British beers, most of which, I'll be honest, I've never heard of before. They also do some really nice seasonal mixed gift boxes, from which this beer was produced. I'd like to thank them then for sending me the beer, which was sent because of my previous post about chocolate and cherry beers.

As I said, I'm not going to be asking for beers, that's not why I got into blogging, but if someone wants to send me some, then it's going to get a review!

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