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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Something's Stirring!!

Today I took my first trip to the Fox & Newt Pub on Burley Street just about a 5min walk from the city centre. I really don't know why I've never been to this place before - It's absolutely fantastic!

Not only is it a 'proper' old school pub, but it's a Brew Pub as well! (the only 'real' one left in Leeds) It's a place you may not have heard of before, but Burley Street BrewHouse, in the bowels of the Fox & Newt Pub, is alive and thriving indeed!

If the idea of a brew-pub (thats been around since the late 1980's) doesn't excite you... maybe their range of beers will! Under new direction, this pub has recently been serving the likes of these beers (pretty much) in the heart of Leeds:

Can you really say you wouldn't be stuck for choice in this place?? Even the pump clips for the brew house's beers look great!:

I didn't come here today to drink beer though (much....) I came here today because the brewer for Burley Street BrewHouse, Mike (@reymondecks) tweeted me saying they had just brewed a new batch of stouts and IPAs and wondered if I would like to sample them while they were still fresh in the fermenters. What sort of stupid ghost would I be to decline?!?!

The BrewHouse is absolutely fantastic! It's one of those old school kits which you know has been around for a couple of decades!:

I got to try the new IPA and the new stout straight from the fermenters, two beers which should be making the Burley Street BrewHouse range very soon, and considering how expertly they were made, they would give all the other breweries in Leeds a good run for their money. (Yes all of them!!) And although they were tasting incredibly more fresh than a beer ever should, they were tasting great and had huge promise!

One of the things they were working on today was the perfect level of finings they would need for the specific yeasts they would need, it all looked very complicated, and once explained to me, I wasn't that much clearer.... but I was sure they knew what they were experimenting with.

Now while Mike is trying to rent some of the time and space of the BrewHouse for his side project 'X-Ray Brewing' he is consistently producing top notch quality beers for Burley Street BrewHouse, which I've managed to have a couple of pints today, one even in Arcadia tonight!  Beers which if you've not had before, then you fail, to be completely honest!

From looking around the walls, I guess this place made super beers in the past....

Seriously, this is not just a pub, or a BrewHouse, but something which you need to take big note of in the next few months, especially if you live in Leeds. If you've never been before, then you really need to ask yourself 'what are you waiting for!!' their range of beers is top notch! They're even hoping to get the Magic Rock beers on cask before North Bar do!! (just to throw some stones!) They also want to try start bottling some of their beers in late September! So like it or not, they're going to be big, very soon!

Get your buts down to the Fox & Newt, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?


  1. I tried one of their beers (Lagune Seca?) at the LS6 Beerfest, and thought it was great.

  2. That's the one I had in Arcadia tonight - A really nice, well made beer.

  3. is the brewery tap not a brew pub?

  4. Techincally, Yes. But I don't think it's being used to its fullest potential, or the same kind of thing as this. Saying that though, one of the brewers, Alex, is set to change that quite soon with some interesting sounding stuff. (lots more stuff like the single hopped range they did)

  5. there is now a permenant supply of leodis and also a leodis wheat beer available. Also, there is the arizona IPA and the duet pale ale both on handpull which are brewed exclusivly down at the tap. evidance that it probably is a brew pub

  6. Mike's a great guy and supremely passionate about beer - and that's the best start for a fledgling brewery. I think - hope - that this latest incarnation for Burley Street - will last.