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Friday, 3 June 2011

LS6 Beer Festival

It's that time again: time for our own little beer festival in Leeds, with far too much great beer and awesome live music. A couple of days for awesome local breweries to show off their wares and for locals to have a jolly good time.

It would take far to long to tell you all about the super beers and the great time I, and we all had tonight, (and more people will have tomorrow) so I'll just tell the story in this awesome photo montage!!

oh.... and I'll gladly show my actual ghostly surfing face for Leeds Beer Fest!

People within Images: Two very good friends of the Ghost. Rhian: My old super boss from my Arcadia days, and Jess from my old Arcadia days who brought along her traveling book suitcase! (special mention goes to all the people serving up the beers aswell!!

What a fantastic venue! What a fantastic beer festival! If your still around tomorrow (saturday) get your buts down to the LS6 Beer Festival!!!!

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