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Monday, 30 January 2012

One Last Time

For personal reasons tonight I need a very special drink. One that I can drink for the very last time. One that I can drink and remember all the amazing times I've had with the beer before.

It's a fitting beer for a fitting end to one of life's chapters, and one which I'll take to it's fullest and enjoy, celebrate and drink with the fondest of memories.

The beer comes from the heart of Yorkshire, from the oldest brewery in Yorkshire in fact. Say what you will about the brewery, but this is the best Barley Wine I've ever, ever consumed, and it comes as a massive shame as the brewery discontinued making the beer a few years back and this is the last bottle I have in my possession. As I say though, it's not a night for sadness, but a night for celebration, and the fact I'll probably never have a Barley Wine this good again - which means for all it's faults - it was a true success.

It's a truly stunning beer. One to sip and savour, one to take your time over. A beer to bring out only when you know the time is right, and leaves you with that 'wow' feeling and you scratch your head trying to think about what just happened. It's liquid gold, it baffles me as to why Samuel Smiths ever stopped making this beer. But hey, it's the last one I'll ever get to drink so I'll raise my glass and give a full felt cheers.

And just like that the beer is gone. The glorious, but fleeting moment has passed and your left with an empty bottle. You wouldn't be human if you didn't feel more than a little upset.

Some of you who know me, may know me as a little closed off; 'doesn't like to share feelings type'. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I enjoy to blog. In some small way it's one of my outlets, one of my ways to get things off my chest. At the big moments in your life, it's not hard to have mixed feelings, to be a little confused. I guess that's what happens when your so filled with joy for knowing someone, but feeling such sadness from the truth that they're gone.

I guess that's about it.

RIP Barbara Briggs, You will be greatly missed. We all love you so very much, something these words I write could never fully express.

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