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Friday, 27 January 2012

Come On Down!

Finally.... I can use my design
skills for good, not evil!
Leeds is truly going to be the place to be for beer in 2012.

This is just a little reminder about Monday the 6th of February. If you can make it down to Beer Ritz between 6 and 9 we'll be putting on a bit of a show and a bit of a spread for you.

We've got Leigh Linley from the Good Stuff to come down with some of his own foody creations to share amongst the people, and we have some beer to go along with it (for free!) to create what should be the first of many - Beer and Food Evenings at Beer Ritz.

Leigh will be talking you though the food and beer, I'll be selling you the beer if you should wish to buy some more, and I've been told that Zak will be around for a chin wag for a bit too. It's going to be a relaxed and enjoyable evening, and a great way to introduce new people to the joys of great beer and food. I've been told the theme for the night will be sweet treats (cakes, muffins etc..) and some darker stuff; nice Porters, Stouts, maybe some Dunkel Weisse and general desert beers.

I think that should be about it. Just make sure you come on down.... but don't all of you turn up at once at 6! Our shop isn't as big as you might think!

As a side note, we've just been given some more really exiting Leeds beer news from Rick Furzer about OpenIt coming at the end of Feb, check out this link to see what we'll be up too.


  1. is this real ale in the bottle?

  2. Well, we sell about 600 different beers, about half of which I would classify as 'real ale', but I guess it depends on your definition of the term - some may take it a bit stricter than others. It's down to Leigh as to what he pairs with the beers.