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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011; Rise Of The Ghost

It appears that 10 people voted me for their favourite blog in the Golden Pint Awards. I know who you people are and I'd like to give my sincere thanks for the beery love. I know it was only 10 people, but it was enough to win, apparently. It was amazing to see Beer Ritz voted as the Best Independent Beer Retailer, the love for Beer Ritz is humbling to say the least.

Now to celebrate in humble modesty.....

YEAH!!!!!! Break out the Imperial Stout!!! I wanna see a glass of the powerful stuff in every hand! *breaks out in a popular Queen song, and replaces 'We' with 'I'...*

ahem... *puts shirt back on*
Well with that out of the way, it's time for a little reflection. 2011 was an incredible year, it had a few lows, but so many more highs. I posted 156 times which is about 1 every two and a bit days, so I clearly had a lot to write about, and my thanks go out again to you all for reading. I don't really see myself slowing down either..

It's time to look forward though. 2012 is going to be a mental year for Ghosty. Zak wants us to come up with ideas for how we can get more people to come to Beer Ritz, and I've already got a few ideas. Shop tastings sound nice? What about meeting local brewers while they try sell you their beers? More Beer Ritz video blogs, more blogs in general. Loads of new beers on the horizon! (and we're talkin loads!) The possibilities for being creative are unlimited, maybe I'll even paint the shop purple! It's going to be a year that we move the shop forward into the brave new world that beer has become, and it's going to be AWESOME! So watch out beer lovers, cos we're just getting started!

And now my hope for the new year:

I envisage a world where the Corona will be drunk alongside the Mikkeller. A world where Carling and Buxton beer can sit at the same table. I see a future where everyone is free to imbibe whatever they wish, and that their drink of choice, is just that - their drink of choice. Their drink of choice, which does not leave them open to be judged by other's standards of perceived quality or taste. A future where cask and keg can sit on the same bar and offer a world of choice as Tandleman so expertly put it. It's an exiting time in the industry. It's a time of change, a time to shake things up, so what we'll get out of 2012 will really be down to what we put into it.

Are you ready?


  1. Bless you, Ghosty. We need more like you!

    Happy new beery year!

  2. Hey Ghosty, as I said in my tweet, your blog is one of the few I regularly read and it's always a good fun and balanced when it comes to the topics for 'squabbling'. Onwards to 2012 and keep it going!

  3. An inspiration to us all Ghosty, a great blog that doesn't take itself TOO seriously, top Wikio/ebuzzing slot in 2012?

    Where's Ray Winston when you need him…. " 'old-up "

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, your support is always appreciated. As for 2012, I have some big plans to come.... ;)