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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A New Leeds Pub

So Leeds Brewery have opened up a new little pub, in an old one mind, but The White Swan is open for business! I was a little confused when I went in for a quick look around the other day, I didn't know whether or not to order a pint, or to book a room. It was a little fancy for me, I felt a little out of place with my holes-in jeans... It wasn't like any pub I managed to fall out of on a night.

The beer on service was from a selection of twelve handpulls and many keg fonts. Great wines, Champers and a good selection of bottled beers was available too. The cask ale seemed to be perfectly tasty, a tiny touch too cold, but I'm just splitting hairs.

Below is just a small collection of snaps that I managed to take. Give them a look over and see what you think for yourself....

Yes, that is a giant piano

If you would like to visit the Swan in person you can find it on Swan Street off Briggate, directly opposite the City Varieties Music Hall.


  1. it does look a bit hotelly! If only hotels stocked such a range!

  2. Looks a little OTT. I wonder who they are trying to convince? draw in? maybe trying to cater for too many. Still give it a try sometime though.

  3. Yikes. Purgatory.

    Having said that, that's about as sterile as Cask in Pimlico looked when it first opened. Now its worn in a bit, and crowded, and there's some tat on the walls, it's quite cosy.

  4. I wonder if they will bother employing staff who are trained about beer, or even give a feck, or just uninterested idiots like their other pubs???