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Thursday, 1 September 2011

BREW 1000

It's party time for Naylors Brewery as they celebrate brew 1000 with a special beer for commercial release. Naylors first started brewing back in 2005. You may have heard of the pub that they first set up in; the Old White Bear in Crosshills near Keighley. The pub was sold in 2006 though, so they could really buckle down and focus fully on making their ales.

This celebratory beer comes in a a full on 10% and is aged for two months before it's bottled, I can't find what it's aged in, but I'm sure someone out there knows.

The aroma is very inviting. It smells a little of marshmellow and loads of marmalade. There's a slight hint of sweet candy sugar too, which almost gives it a Belgian quality. The beer itself is incredibly fruity. I'm thinking sweet jams, marmalade, some figs, raisins - the good old fruit cake like flavours you'd expect from a big Strong Ale.

It's rich and rather warming, with a long drying/bittering and slightly woody finish. It's a great beer, and it's great to see local brewers like Naylors trying something out of their ordinary range and getting it spot on, so well played! Not that I think you need an excuse to get your party on but, you can get your party on to beers like this and celebrate with good folk like Naylors!

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  1. Sounds like a goodie mate, I'll add it to my ever growing wish list….