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Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Beer In The Palm Is Worth Dobbel The Fun!

I enjoy a bottle of Palm. It's Belgian beer but it's very British in taste. It's a top selling European beer brewed with English hops, French barley and Belgian yeast. It also contains a proportion of Champagne malts which give it it's alluring amber colour. (apparently)

I could not give up the chance to sample one of these then, especially as the bottle was a couple of years out of date!

I'm guessing this is their take on a Christmas beer, and so, with the arrival of some Christmas decorations in some shops (I know!!!!) I thought I'd have my first Christmas beer of the year.

Rich brown/amber red in colour. Pours quite flat for a Belgian beer with a light rocking of white bubbles on the surface. Aroma is yeasty with notes of caramel and a nutty sweetness. Slight fruit mixed with a brown bread maltyness.

Not that strong for a Belgian 'Dobbel' at only 6%. It's really not all too dissimilar to regular Palm to be honest - but you can't say that's a bad thing. Light, sweet malts, a nutty body with caramel and citrus flavours. I was expecting a much bigger, thicker, more sherry like strong dark ale - and while there's essence of that in here it's pleasantly not overpowering - so what your left with is a light and delicate beer which is very easy going.

Good beer. But if I see any more Christmas decorations going up in the next couple of weeks then I'm going to start punching Elves!

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