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Friday, 27 May 2011

Sander's at it again...

Is that Ghostie getting his own pint?!?!?
Tonight was my first taste of the newly brewing Kirkstall Brewery. Bring on Three Swords!!

Yes Three Swords graced the fonts at Arcadia as I was stepping through the door last night. It must have been my lucky day! How could I not try one of Dave Sander's new brews at a brewery in a not too dissimilar area than one closed many many years ago.

3 Sharp bits is a 4.5% pale ale, and when I say pale, I'm sure you can see by the picture I mean pale! It was a brew with a fantastic clarity. Not that I would have minded a bit of a haze, but it was one of the first pints pulled. Many brewers in the UK still see clarity as a form of success, (which I have nothing against) but there's always room for a bit of a hop haze!

I couldn't get much from the aroma, but then again, I didn't expect to get that much from a, filled to the brim straight sided, pint glass. What I did get was a very clean smelling aroma. There was some minty hoppy whiffs in there.

Like any good pint in the pub, it's all about the first flavourful sip. It's a light beer with very floral and grassy flavours. Hints of hay and a bit barnyard-ish. You get that bitter sherbet flavour that you find in a few of Ellands pale ales - not too surprising to be fair, but it's a lighter and much more balanced flavour. Lots of citrus fruit flavour too, orange and a touch of lemon add to the refreshing body, it's a tasty beverage.

Very pleasing stuff. I would like to have a go on their Porter, I've only heard good things about that one. I guess I'll get some sooner or later!

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