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Friday, 13 May 2011

Home Time

For me there's nothing better than getting home after a long, hot, sweaty day and grabbing one of your favourite bottled beers, sitting your tired ass down in front of the TV and really getting stuck in!

Now I know there will be people out there, booing and hissing, that I'm not drinking great beer in the pub, with the number of pubs we lose on a weekly basis  in the UK. Tough luck I'm afraid I'll have to say to that! Yes I like drinking beer in a pub, and yes I like drinking beer at home - it's probably an equal amount of 'like' involved. But as much as some people out there would like me too, I don't drink everyday, and I certainly can't go to the pub everyday!

I think both drinking environments are completely different too, drinking in the pub is a social thing for me. I chat with friends, act merry and have a good time. I think sometimes a pub can become quite a stressful place at times too. Drinking at home is completely different - it's so much more relaxed for me. No cares on your mind, you can just easy back into your chair and give the beer your supping your full attention - It's great - and not a thing to be scorned!

My first beer of tonight is a beer I've probably been quite a bit more exited about, than people I've been trying to sell it too, these past few days. Ilkley Pale in bottles!! Here's the link in the post.... I've loved iPale for as long as it's been around - but that's only been in cask form. It's only recently that Ilkley have decided to bottle the stuff, which I think is fantastic!

It's a superb beer, in both formats. There's just a time and a place for both.

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  1. I've got to agree with there! Home and pub drinking both have their good points. I drink more beer at home than the pub but that is due to the beer on offer in my local area. There's just not enough variety or quality round my neck of the woods.