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Monday, 9 May 2011

Look For The Kernel

So it was last week, after Zak's super wrangling skillz, that a pallet of Kernel beers arrived at our warehouse (not a few boxes, a pallet!). This lead to a mighty fine looking 8 cases of 8 different beers being delivered to the shop last Wednesday! Woooo :)

Word spread fast and within 4 days the beer geeks (including myself) had taken their prey & these 8 cases was whittled down to around 8 bottles!

It worked out that over these 4 days The Kernel was our best selling beer in the whole shop! So it would be rude not to tell you all about the one I'm trying tonight, before another 8/9 cases come in on Wednesday.

An Export India Porter is not a style of beer I've ever had chance to try before to be honest. It smells fantastic though!! It whiffs of a real dairy/creaminess mixed with tonnes of oats, give it a swirl and you get a tiny hint of Islay whisky mixed in with a bitter orange touch.

It's a really interesting beer indeed. You get an initial roasty malt flavour in the body, but then it doesn't lead to that familiar tarty/big bitterness, it leads to a juicy fruity hop quality, which leaves it light, easy-drinking and quite refreshing. A little roasty warm alcohol quality comes back up the throat after the swallow but I'm really impressed how extremely balanced this beer is. (and you certainly drink this like it's half the strength!) You get some chocolate and a little light coffee creating a good dryness. It's strange, after the beer's gone down a bit, I'm starting to get a slight aroma of rubber tyres, that fresh fitted kind - not a bad or unpleasant thing at all, just another interesting aroma. The more I smell it the more tyres I get, It's really peculiar! Don't let this put you off, it still tastes and is an awesome beer.

There you have it. Another great beer From The Kernel. (not had a bad one yet) So the next time you pop into Beer Ritz, tell us The Kernel sent you! (sorry....)

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