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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Beer Ritz; Reborn

It's fair to say the past month has been incredibly stressful and packed to the rafters with extremely hard work for the entire Beer Ritz and Beer Paradise team. The past 30-odd days has seen a lot of blood, sweat and, on occasion, almost a few tears, but we're finally done with the restoration of one of the finest beer shops in the country - Beer Ritz has been reborn!

Follow me now on a short (....long) photo montage of what we did...

The first job was to get rid of the tired old shelving
Sort of sad to see it go, we've been with it for so long, but they had finally called time

After that, the walls and ceiling needed a paint job
It seemed the shelving had hidden a few surprises for us...

Next came the installation of new shelves

and the subsequent filling of said shelves...

That took about a week, which then of course had to be replicated on the opposite side of the room, ending up a little like this

We then got our window displays revitalized and modernized 

Even the front door got a look at

We got rid of this junk yard

In favour of these gigantic monoliths

There were a few beer breaks over the few weeks, that's the truth.
more painting then followed

It then finally came time to sit back a little and look upon all our hard work

I could fill up many other blog posts on the things we did, went through and how it all went down, but I'm not going to. All I can suggest is you come down and have a look for yourselves, have a bit of a geeky beer chat and maybe take a couple of amazing beers away with you.

Like I said, this has been a long and stressful time for us, but it's finally coming to the end and we appreciate all your patience in bearing with us... and you know what - all the time and effort that has gone into the shop, all the aches and pains, it's been 100% worth it, I know I'd do it again and again for our shop.

Here's to another 15yrs of selling amazing beer to the people

Feel free to use any of these photos to spread the good word! 


  1. Don't forget the biggest change: Scottish corner/tower/area!

  2. I'm impressed; the refurbishment looks really good. Well done to you all.