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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Anyone For A Cuppa?

They say a good cup of tea will cure most things in life... right now it feels like I could do with a firkin full. That being said, This isn't a blog to moan about personal problems, and it certainly isn't a blog about tea...

I can blog about tea beer though! :)

The only tea beer I've ever had was Lindemans Tea beer, and when I had that about five years ago I thought it was not only really tasty but a really fascinating beer too. When we finally got Earl Grey IPA into the shop from Marble and Emelisse I didn't hesitate before picking up a bottle to tuck into.

Well, it's certainly the colour of a strong tea... The aroma, well... it just sort of works! That classic new world juicy hop character that these guys do only too well with, put simply, notes of Earl Grey too! Herbal, with lots of fruit - orange and peach, lemon and kiwi with some honey.

It's difficult at first to know what to make of the flavour (probably because I don't actually drink that much tea!) It's very herbal, tannic and quite drying. Lots of honey and some caramel, some pine and floral grass mixing into a perfectly balanced bitterness with sweet juicyness on the sides of the tongue.

It's a really pleasant beer, and one I think I'll take to the comfy sofa  whilst I look out for the three boobed woman in the 2012 version of Total Recall, which will most probably be terrible...

Peace ya'll!

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  1. I'm surprised there aren't more tea inspired beers still, but this sounds interesting. Always thought earl grey would would make the beer a little dry and unusual on the nose but hey ho.