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Friday, 1 February 2013

The Landlord

Pete Brown gave some interesting thoughts in this nice piece about Timothy Taylor's Landlord here and how it's one of the world's best beers - and rightly so, it's a fantastic Yorkshire pint. The informative article got me thinking about the beer today.

Landlord is a beer which I grew up drinking... that and Tetleys. My youthful drinking usually took place in a bar or pub which only usually had one hand pump and the rest of the bar filled up with nasty keg fonts. I never fancied drinking lager - too gassy for me, so it was always the ale, most of the time being Landlord. Back then I thought nothing of it, it was just a drink to get me drunk with my friends.

A few years back when I really started getting into beer my choices started to vary massively, I went to better drinking establishments where there beer was kept properly and lines were cleaned regularly. I always came back to the ale though, you just can't beat a really good pint of it. When I first found Arcadia I always loved the selection of ales they had on, everything was always new to me so I tried as much as I could. I noticed that Landlord was always on show mind.

One eve when there wasn't as much choice I decided to get a pint of Landlord. It wasn't the same, I really wasn't too keen on it... I knew it wasn't off or faulty, but something about it just tasted a little too clean to me. I know Arcadia pride themselves on having the cleanest lines and the best tasting beer, but the funny thing is, looking back, I grew up on dirty Landlord in a rough(ish) pub and had got very used to that taste.

Strange how you can get used to the taste of something...


  1. I have come to love the bottled Landlord in the last few years, love it so much as to say it will always be my ale of choice - giving Budvar a run for my beer of choice in general. It is simply wonderful and makes me almost wish I were a Sassanach....almost....

  2. When I first had landlord I did not like it at all, classing it alongside Doombar and Deuchars as one to avoid, but after trying it in its heartland of skipton and Keighley I finally saw what other people loved about it. It just doesn't travel all that well.