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Thursday, 13 September 2012

OK Comics (and beer)

Last night saw one of Leeds' beloved shops turn ten years old: OK Comics! They decided to throw a little party for anyone who wanted to come along. And while it was a slightly odd sort of side street-street party, the guys were incredibly generous by managing to dish out twenty boxes of pizza and an assortment of drinks to anyone who decided to pass by, for free! Pizza, beer, cake, cookies and comic book heros... what's more to want?

Well turns out in the next street over, Leeds brewery had put on a special beer for OK at the White Swan. So after things were packed away in one street the gang moved one lane over to try the beer. I ordered a pint and was disappointed. It was sour. Damn. I took it back, worryingly noticing the bar maid still going at the hand pump. "I think this is the last one" I said. "Sorry" was the response, "we've just hooked over the next one, can I change that for you?" Turns out they had four barrels of the stuff in the cellar. Hurrah! Game back on..

The beer had perfect clarity, but it was a shame the glassware was slightly dirty.. I'd say get the renovate out guys, but that's just splitting hairs really. OK is a gently citrusy bittersweet Pale Ale with a nice fruity malt backbone to it. Dry straw, lots of orange pith, lemon and lime and a little cooking apple skin which contributes to a lasting moorish, drying bitter finish. It was a perfect example of what Leeds can do well - light % Pale Ales and Bitters, and while I left the White Swan at half nine I do get the sneaking suspicion that they probably got through all four barrels last night...

I had a very fun night. Thanks, and Happy Birthday to OK Comics, here's to the next ten years!


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