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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beer Fusion

Cantillon Rose De Gambrinus.

 - A beer which is synonymous with pure quality and flavour when it comes to what beer can be. A beer that is so drying, so moorish, so epically brilliant, you feel it sobers you up more than it gets you drunk. A beer for the ages; one to share with your grandkids as they get older.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

 - A Game Changer of a beer. It's probably the only Chocolate Stout you ever really need to try, but more likely the one that all others will get judged against. A powerhouse of a liquid, a beer to warm your heart and pump warm blood through your veins. One you reach for in the depths of winter, but also in the heights of summer to pour over your Salted Caramel ice cream as Rick Furzer would have it.

I think you can see where this is going....

What's better in a dessert than dark chocolate combined with tart raspberries? It doesn't get much more delectable and decadent when it comes to the finer things. Black Chocolate Stout comes forward bringing the booze and the body. Luxurious vanilla and caramel, supreme roasted malts with a really smooth body which makes the chocolate presence seem almost like it's been melted into the glass. Cantillon Rose De Gambrinus provides the little bit extra. That tart hit of fruity flavour which you see in a Black Forest Gateau, that something which balances and enhances the sweet and sour. Herbal leaves and an oaky mouthfeel only contribute to a flavour that is not overpowering, but balanced and composed.

Blending these two together is a match made in heaven, which creates something so unique, so different, but still familiar to both beers - only joined in unison. There are simple rules to follow when doing this though. When using the fruit beer, you do not need a lot. You may think the BCS would be big and overpowering to anything, but you can also see from the picture how much Cantillon I used. You do not need a lot.

What you end up with is a fantastic union of flavours which were meant to go together. It's pretty hard to describe too, so I can only suggest that you try this for yourselves. It's something I hope, something that should catch on. I've had a lot of opposition in the past when blending beers together. People say "That's not how the brewer intended it to be drunk!" ...but you know what, I paid for it, I can do what I want with it! There's almost limitless combinations of of beers that can be mixed together, just ask anyone who likes a Black & Tan.. but at the moment I can't get enough of mixing Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout with fantastic Belgian Fruit Beers.

Blending these two beers together isn't crazy.

It just makes sense.


  1. Still not convinced, the Stout is fine on its own!

    Having said that, I'm not a fruit or Belgium beer fan so this may have coloured my views.

  2. Sold. OK - I'm in. You've convinced me. Time to get hold of some of these mofos and have a crack at this. Good work fella!

  3. I caught your drift after the word Brooklyn

    Rose de Gambrinus - Check
    Brooklyn chocolate stout ... Humm

    Off to the shops I go.

    Top Blending!