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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Time to Step Up Your Game

I can't carry on with this level of noise.... 4 posts in 2 days! I'm not sure what I'm thinking.

A little bit more about home brewing to talk about today. As you may already know, Leeds is a little bit of a hotbed for home brewers at the moment. It also seems like they're not only making better and better beers, but more exciting and bigger beers!

The one I'm privileged to try tonight comes from an ex-BeerRitzer: Paul Marshall. (or @iamlonewolf as many of you will know him from twitter)

The beer is called Arctic Stout and is a 9.2%-ish imperial stout. This home brew has waited 4 and a half months before it has hit my glass.

What an aroma to a beer! Massive amounts of dark chocolate, oats and a little dairy/lactic smoothness. A powerful punch of raisins and a hint of liqourice hides amongst the big malt profile. And that's just how it smells.

This beer tastes amazing. Simple as. And I've had my fair share of over 100 imperial stouts. It's very reminiscent of Harveys Imperial Extra Double Stout. Such a powerful brew it's got massive flavours of all the described in the aroma, but it's so easy drinking! I can't put the bastard down. 

It's really astounding too think that people can produce beers of this magnitude in their own homes.... I really can't get over how good this beer is! This is why it's time to step up the beer game. If people can make beers this good in their own homes, how are you going to up your game brewers?

Another item which has just come into my possession is another home brew in a similar vein from a fantastic college: Tom Fozzard. The beer is called Konstrukt and is an imperial stout. (even if he won't admit it is)

Awesome label aside, he's gone so far as to put a label upon the cap stating that this beer cannot be opened until October the 1st! I'll tell you one thing, he's got some faith.... and balls. This is the kind of thing we (as beer promoters) should be striving towards. The best we can get, and produce. Otherwise we may as well grab a can of Carling. (sorry Cooking Lager)

Until 6 months pass, I'll lock this one away in my box of goodies.

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