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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Beer - A Good Enough Title as Any!

I don't know.... you wait to do a blog, then you do two in one day ;)

Today we got a few new beers in the shop. One of which, that I'm drinking now, is so damn good it needs to be thoroughly promoted! That's what we like to do at the shop, every time we get new beers in, we like to consume them quick so it's easier to tell others what their like. (it's a tough job, yes I know, but it's one we take pride in!)

These are the 3 I took away today:

The Querkus (a smoked oaked porter from Ridgeway) sounds like a bizarre beer which I'm much looking forward too. A beer brewed with Scottish peated whisky malt, English pale and roasted malt and whole leaf Goldings hops. It's then cold matured over pieces of old French oak barrels - sounds fantastic!

The Axe edge comes from the relatively new to us, Buxton Brewery. We have a large range of their beers now, but this is the stand out one for me. A double IPA coming in at 6.8%, it boasts the best that Europe, North America and New Zealand has to offer in the way of hops.
    These aren't the beers I want to talk about though (even if I just did) I want to talk about 'Proper Black' from St Austell. It's a Black IPA based on their 'Proper Job' IPA which is a great beer. You may think from the picture that the bottle is made from brown glass.... NO, the bottle is made from clear glass! That's the colour of the beer... mmmm.

With Chinook, Centennial and Cascade it certainly has a hoppy aroma. Hints of big apricot juiciness and a hint of liqourice abound from the hops and roasted malts. You can certainly feel the roasted barley in the mouth-feel but the finish is light and hoppy. It screams oxymoronic like a good black IPA should, but this is better than your average BIPA. I think St Austell is a fantastic brewery. Admiral's ale and Proper Job are two amazing beers of theirs and this one is a welcome addition to the fold, lets hope it sticks around for a while. Get your butts in for some new beers! Do it!!

Proper Black - Damn straight!


  1. This sounds lovely really must get my hands on some for a baron rating!

  2. Nice; will pick up my Buxton at the weekend; will get me a proper black too!