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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Supermarket Shenanigans

I'm a massive fan of Williams Brothers beers from Scotland, but recently we've been having a very hard time getting them in. They've given some reasons, and every time we get in contact it's only the same couple of beers available.. which is a bit of a downer when their range is so massive and they do so many good beers. So we're now at the point where we have none left, and that's annoying because they're very good selling beers.

Other people have their beers though. I've seen their beers in supermarkets, and they have plenty of stock it seems every time I go. Is the reason we can't get any of Williams beers because it's all being taken by the supermarkets? I've not been told this is the case so I can't confirm that, but it's just something in my gut that tells me that's what's going on.

Something else I have heard recently that may or may not be true is that Vocation brewery are going to be going down the supermarket route. How long might it be before I can't get any more Vocation beers.

People seem to forget that breweries are still a business at the end of the day, and getting a big portion of stock sold to a company is better for business than selling small amounts to independents.

But I want my Williams beers BACK! And I don't want Vocation to go either!!


  1. Apparently Vocation are already in Northern branches of M&S, and they're soon going to be selling through Booth's and then Tesco. Doesn't bode well for off-licence availability, I'm afraid. Can't help being chuffed for Vocation, though. They've come a long way very quickly - it shows there's a market for quality and consistency. I just hope all these deals will make them enough to afford a canning plant - I hate those matt labels.

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