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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Beer Wanker

So there we were, last night, propping up the bar in one of our frequented drinking establishments. Beer was flowing and we were having a great time of it with some very tasty sampling! There was a couple of blokes standing next to us at the bar having their own conversations just as we were when one of the gentlemen grabbed the attention of the bar staff..

"This beer is off"

Now being a customer, he's well within his rights to return a beer which he's not keen on, but he had already drunk half of the pint.. "I know what Jaipur tastes like, and this is not it" he continued. As any respectable bar staff member should, apologies were given and he was asked if he'd like it replaced with, what we were told was a fresh barrel of Jaipur that had just been put on. The barman had enough sense to only replace the half of beer that had not been drunk mind!

No issues there really. Half way through his new half though he spoke up again saying this was not right either.. "It doesn't have that normal tang that Jaipur normally does, it's still not right." After much explaining from the staff how it was a completely fresh new barrel they eventually ended up giving him a free half of a different beer.

We asked to sample the Jaipur. It didn't take us 3 quarters of a pint to realise that there was nothing wrong with the beer whatsoever.

Beer wanker.

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