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Friday 27 July 2012

5Day Imperial Stout Spree: Day 1.

After all the fun I had with my 5Day Barley Wine Spree, I thought it was about time I had a little spree on my favourite beer style as they're starting to pile up a bit at home at the moment.

Bring on the Imperial Stouts!

Over the next 5 days I'll be trying 5 new additions to the cabinet, whilst looking at the beers themselves, and the aspect of price. I'll begin that the price of all the beers to be drunk vary massively. I can also state that they all came from Beer Ritz. Now, as a Beer Ritz employee, I can confirm that we do not charge more for some beers than others. We have a standard mark up on all the beers we sell. If some are more expensive, it's because they were more expensive for us. I will be looking at price as a big part of these next 5 days.

First up comes from Arbor Ales and was brewed to celebrate their 5th birthday.

goo goo g'joob is 11%, comes in a 33cl bottle and is £3.69

It initially looks like it's going to pour flat, but then an incredibly thick and close nit foam erupts forth. Aromas of roasted hazelnut and burnt caramel are mixed with some burnt rubber and toast. It's got a very interesting flavour. Quite dry and tart with some vinous and fortified wine hints. There's a big bitter essence coming from the intensely roasted malts and a great full rich body which is greatly complimented by the addition of oats and maple syrup in the brewing process. The finish is long and intense but has the alcohol well hidden, a lovely start to this little trip.

Worth the £3.69? Yes, again and again. A bit of a bargain for such a nice 11% beer, in today's world, in my opinion.

Join me for day 2 won't you? I'll be looking into what happens when you have a smaller bottle at twice the price!

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