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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Real Beer In The Village

There is a beer festival coming.

It's one that has got many people round my local area very exited. The reason for this is mainly because it's just a few minutes up the road, but also we think this is going to be a pretty fantastic do.

The venue is at the Village hotel at 186 Otley Road in Leeds (LS16 5PR). The pub it's situated in is named the 'Victory' pub/bar. I've never really heard it called that name (and I've drunk in it many times before) so I'll just be calling it the Village Beer Festival. I've had many chats with the main organizer of this festival - Andrew Atkinson - a passionate and enthusiastic man when it comes to proper beer. He's given me the beer list for the festival, and I have to say, not many people would regard the list as unimpressive.

Here's the beer list for the Village Beer Festival as it stands:

Ridgeside, Jailbreak 3.8%
Ridgeside, Desert Aire 4.8%
Ridgeside, A long way from home 5%
Ridgeside, Southern Cross 5.7%
Kirkstall, TBC
Kirkstall, TBC
Wensleydale, Rowley mild 3.2%
Wensleydale, Gehrman 4.2%
Hawkshead, USPA, 6%
Hawkshead, Windermere Pale 3.5%
Red Willow, Ageless 7.2%
Red Williow, TBC
Offbeat, Out of Step IPA 5.8%
Offbeat, Outlandish pale 3.8%
Magic Rock, Rapture 4.6%
Magic Rock, High Wire 5.5%
Raw, Stout 4.5%
Marble, Dobber 6%
Marble, Motueka 4.9%
Darkstar, Hophead 3.8%
Darkstar, Saison 4.5%
Burley ST Brewery, TBC
Thornbridge, Jaipur 5.9%
Thornbridge, Brother Rabbit 4%

Turn your noses up at that! I think it's a pretty impressive list, with some great beers coming from some very local breweries, especially for a first time beer fest (I think?)

The dates for the festival are the 5th, 6th and 7th of July - so it's coming up soon enough. This is just a real reminder to you lot to get yourselves up to the Village to drink some great beers. After all, if it's a success, then I'm sure it won't be the first and last time this sort of thing is undertaken.

And who could really be against something that's as good for great beer like this is?

Village pic from here:


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