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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Why, why, why!!

The next 2 weeks will probably be very, very long weeks. This is primarily because they will be dry.

After a bit of silent suffering at work (I say silent), with what seemed to be the mother and grand mother of all head colds (man flu) I wasn't sure if things could get any worse. Fate, however, seems to be a cruel mistress. 

Not content on just making my head feel like cold soup and my body like a limp noodle my man flu had other plans. It seems that after a night of coughing up the best part of my internal organs,  a trip to the doctors would confirm I have developed a nice throat infection, yay!

Of course this means that I've started on the dreaded antibiotic 2 weeks of misery. For people who've never been on antibiotics before, they taste like yak saliva and you can't drink any alcohol, or they won't work. (another most likely side effect of taking anti B's is thrush! Yes I said it, they don't like telling you about that one, do they!?!) 

So what to do in these two weeks. Having been on anti B's before I know how boring it is not having a nice cool pint of your favorite beer, and doing anything else just reminds you that you can't. Lets face it, the people with beer blogs, or people who will read this will only have a couple of days (maybe 3) a week without a beer. I may sound like an alcoholic but it's hard to replace something that is such a big part of my life, besides I don't drink tea.

People of the beer world take heed, do not feel saddened by this tale because the silver lining to this dark cloud couldn't shine any brighter. I know the 2 weeks will be hard but think about that first beer, when it's all over. Just let that sink in for a moment.... That first sip, your favorite brew, that classic ahhh!! moment after so much abstinence. That point that you've been waiting for which just makes things ever so special. I can liken the anticipation to things like opening the first present on christmas day, or going on your favorite theme park ride. I cannot wait for it!!

The only trouble now is to get through the epic task of sorting out which beer will be first in slaking the biggest of thirsts. One of my favorites? Or a new beer that just looks like it will do the job. In honesty the magnum of Mikkeller imperial porter in my room looks tempting. I think a 70 year old beer would hit the spot as-well though. For now though all I'll say is cheers, for 2 weeks tomorrow!!

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